Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

Finally! We rolled into Las Vegas about 4:30 (Pacific Time) this afternoon. It was a perfect trip -- good weather, no traffic, no remorseful conversations with the law, no accidents and (this part is absolutely unbelievable) never getting lost! Mike did most of the driving and it really wasn't too bad, all things considered. We crossed the Continental Divide, stopped to marvel at the Hoover Dam, listened to many great country music stations and caught President Obama's inauguration on the radio. Once we unpacked the car, we hustled off to see about a bed for Mike and bought some other household things. Steve's home is huge and I think Mike will be very comfortable there. I will send photos just as soon as I get home. For now, enjoy these from the Hoover Dam. Keep us in your prayers!

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