Monday, January 19, 2009

January 19, 2009

We have safely arrived in Albuquerque, in a lovely downtown hotel. Saying goodbye to Eric, Tammy, Blake, Ben and Brock in OKC was difficult, but we are thankful to have had such a wonderful visit with them. They were great hosts! We had clear roads, little traffic and a bit of wind (tumbleweeds!) as we made our way through Oklahoma, the panhandle of Texas and on into New Mexico. We passed the Cadillac Ranch, a bit of a disappointment because it was on the opposite side of the highway so we didn't have a great look at this wacky cultural icon. The timing seemed right (gained an hour and no delays) for us to make a last minute detour north to Santa Fe, where we spent a few hours roaming in and out of galleries and shops. Mike gets bonus points for being patient as I browsed! We had dinner there at the San Francisco Street Bar and Grill and then drove another hour to get to Albuquerque. Tomorrow Barack Obama is inaugurated as President and we roll into Las Vegas! Wow!


  1. Love the BLOG! You have a real talent for writing and sharing the excitement of traveling.

  2. OKC Memorial Picture is serene & peaceful. Love the Blog.....Thanks for keeping us up to date on your "travels". Let's hope Mike continues in your "vein".