Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rain Rain and More Rain!

This weekend's Porter Cup golf tournament was quite the challenge! So much rain interfered with the playing, spectators and events. Still, it was fun to watch as long as you could stay under a tree, out of the rain and out of the mud. That last part ~~ impossible! Much of Friday's round I spent barefoot. Just easier than dealing with the sandal-sucking mud that booby-trapped the fairways at regular intervals. Mike caddied for a very gentlemanly man from Ohio and Tim split his time between Eddie and Dylan. I enjoyed making some new friends on the course ~~ Dylan's mom, another "Caddymom" and a player's mother from Pittsford. Friday night was dinner at Casa Antiqua in Lewiston and the chance to get to know the South Africans better. They had some great stories to relate! Enjoy some of the shots I took before the batteries on my camera went out.

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